Thursday, January 5, 2012

Almost A Year... Really?

Obviously, a lot has been going on in life which has kept me from crafting/blogging/socializing.

To get down to it-

  • I FINALLY GRADUATED! You are now reading the blog of a college graduate holding a BA in Early Childhood Education!

  • David and I are in the middle of moving to Indianapolis, IN... we needed a new adventure to start and Indianapolis sounded like a good option.
  • Wedding planning is still happening! We booked our florist, photographers, venue, officiant, and DJ! WOO! (6 months to go!)
  • I am the new proud mama of 3 tarantulas and a gecko. [Don't freak out- they're wonderful creatures.] These new guys have taken up some of my time because I like to work on their habitats and such.
So yea, when all is said and done- a lot has been happening.
Now that I am a graduate and will [hopefully] have more time; I will do my best to keep up the blog. Plus, I've been missing my crafting time...