Friday, December 10, 2010

Project with My Kindergarten

I wanted to share a cute project I did with my Kindergarten class this semester :)

I asked the children to describe pumpkins and things we do in fall. We had a pumpkin and I wrote the descriptive words on it as a reference for them.

Then I passed out cute bordered autumn papers for them to write a simple story about something they did this past fall.

Here is a sample of a page-

"I gutted pumpkins"

When all of the pages were finished, I compiled them together in order to make a "Fall Book". Unfortunately, a lot of the children lost their pages (*sigh*).

BUT- I did make a super cute cover for the book-to-be!

I love my Cricut <3

So there you have it, a cute, simple, fun idea for kids to be creative and reminisce about their Fall adventures.

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  1. Super cute Jess! I really need to get my Silhouette up and running! Maybe this weekend :)