Sunday, December 12, 2010

That Christmasy Feeling...

It finally snowed down here in Carbondale!

I literally was talking about this last night with my friend. She asked, "when do you think it's going to snow?" and I said, "Down here? Probably not 'til late January!"

Boy, was I wrong...

View from the apartment deck
My dogs were quite excited to see the white fluffy snow. The minute I opened up the deck sliding door, Zoe ran out and created the most perfect little paw print  <3

It's really beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Another thing I wanted to mention- coffee creamer. What other great way to smell and taste the holiday season than a sweet and spicy creamer for your coffee??

David and I ran into this one at the store...

Rufus modeled in the background for us

And OMG YUMMY! Vanilla Spiced Rum creamer. If you love tasting the holidays in your coffee cup, you have to try this delectable creamer.

Hope everyone's season is turning out to be beautiful!

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