Monday, October 4, 2010

Birthday Bash! (sort of)

So, of course with my luck, my birthday would fall on a Monday!

Even though it is Monday, David made me a wonderful unhealthy breakfast (yum)! I had a fantastic cream horn (from Larry's House of Cake of course!) and turkey bacon!

But guess what was for dinner! That David made all by himself!...
LOBSTER! Can you believe it?! He did such a great job too! Excuse our Halloween table cloth btw...

I also had a great weekend with my mom and Bob (mom's bf)! We went to the "Art and Wine Fair" in downtown Carbondale, my favorite 2 restaurants (Harbaugh's and the Underground Grille), and had some delicious watermelon martinis with many desserts! My mom spoils me!

The gifts were also very wonderful and heartfelt.

From my dad, I received the all time favorite gift- money! But with that money, I bought my new pride and joy, the Cricut! So thank you daddy! (This was about a week ago, just thought I'd share anyway)

My mommy got me some cute clothes, a SodaStream (if you don't know what that is, you must check it out!), and Old Navy, Pet Co, and Wal-mart gift cards!

Bob got me some super awesome Marilyn Monroe (I'm a huge fan) shot glasses and a birthday martini glass!

My grandma and grandpa came and visited last weekend as an early birthday celebration! I miss them dearly!

And of course- David! He was so sweet and bought me the cool new EasyTone Reebok's! Now I can exercise my bum while walking :) Oh and he got me an AWESOME card with a cool Wii game!

Lindsay surprised me with yummy yummy fun-fetti cupcakes! I LOVE being her neighbor!

I just had to write this personal blog to thank everybody for the wonderful birthday celebration they have provided me. NEVER take family for granted! They will always be there for you and make you feel loved beyond belief! Take them into your heart and never let go :)

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