Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sweet Dog Card for My Grandma

I decided to send out some "thank you" cards to my family for being wonderful and providing me with a great birthday.

For this first card, I used the Wild Card Cricut cartridge for the envelope. I cut the envelope out using teal cardstock, and I cut the liner using lilac.

I then used the Cricut cutter's scoring blade to make nice, foldable creases.

Quick-dry adhesive was used to glue the liner to the envelope and seal the sides.

What a pretty little envelope, no?
Afterwards, I decided to use another cartridge to create the card. I used the Paper Pups cartridge and chose the "smiley" option (I thought it was adorable).

I also cut out a violet background so the pup can have some life to him (as you can see, I do not use typical colors).

I decided to mod-podge the dog for a sealant. Little did I know, it would wipe those cute yellow eyes right off! I used an orange marker to try to regain them, but it turned out red. Now he's an evil little doggy...
I hope my grandma will get a kick out of those beady evil-looking eyes...

I then cut out a small square of lilac card stock to put behind the evil little guy and voila! My first card created on the Cricut!

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