Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Thank You" Card for my Mommy

I wanted to attempt another card today and I succeeded! Except for one minor detail which I'll talk about at the end...

First I started with some cute patterned card stock and cut out the "quotes" die cut on the Wild Card Cricut cartridge.

I used the scoring blade to make it easier to fold.
I then cut out the "blackout" of the same design for a nice little liner to the card.

After I scored that, I glued it on using quick-dry adhesive.
Cute so far, right? Then I used the "porthole" design for a "thank you" quote (I liked it better than the "quote" design).
Then, using the same card stock as the liner, I cut out the envelope and scored it to assemble it easier.

And there you have it! Another cutie-patootie card :)

Now... about that little issue I had-
I tried to cut the envelope at a 5 1/2 size, but my Cricut said it would not fit on the card stock! So here's a warning for all Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter Machine users- DO NOT USE THIS ENVELOPE TYPE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEND IT VIA USPS! It's a little embarrassing, but my mom will now receive this card inside of another envelope.

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