Sunday, October 31, 2010

Repurposed T-shirts

I found this idea on one of my favorite blogs to follow for recycled t-shirts! I LOVE repurposing old items into cute things, so I needed to give it a try! This is the making of a ringlet scarf!

First, take a few t-shirts that you don't wear anymore. I found a couple plus a tank top! Try to make sure the colors will work together, otherwise it wouldn't make much sense. 

What you need otherwise: scissors and a ruler (if you're a perfectionist).

Cut the hemming off of all the t-shirts and put aside for later.

Next, I cut the shirts into about 1 inch strips because the material was thinner than most t-shirts. This is where the ruler comes in- if you really want all of the strips to be the same width, use the ruler to make markings along the shirt.

All of my shirts were cut and ready to be made into a scarf! I had about 30 strips.

Take each strip and stretch them so they're looser.

See the difference between the stretched and the not-yet-stretched?

Then wrap them loosely around your hand and put to the side. Do this with all of the strips you cut, aside from the hems.

Cut the hems into about 5 inch strips and tie them around 2 ringlets at a time.

Keep linking them together...

Until, voila, finished!

A cute repurposed t-shirt scarf that everyone (even my Zoe girl) will admire!

Good for you for recycling :) Enjoy!

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