Friday, October 15, 2010

Homecoming Parade and an Important Message

Hey kids! I have been so busy with homework and planning for a birthday party, so forgive me for not providing you with amazing blogs...

David and I marched in the SIU Homecoming parade last weekend and it was a blast! We marched with the group I am a part of; educ8kdz!

I wanted to spread some word about educ8kdz...

It is a group of the College of Education and Human Services and they do wonders for children in the community all the way to New Orleans. They provide books, fundraising, family fun, and education to children of all walks of life. How wonderful, right?

I love being a part of this amazing group of people, I only hope I will be able to accomplish as much as they have.

Now for my little soapbox moment:

I would like everybody who reads this to think about the amazing things they have done for others and really reflect on it. Keep it dear, because I am sure the people you have helped did. If you haven't done anything for anybody else- it's about time you did (and shame on you)! 

Help the world spin in a positive direction!

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