Sunday, October 17, 2010

Birthday Party Ideas

 I am a college student, which means I am very short on cash. I was having a birthday party this weekend, and of course I wanted super cute decorations!

Things I got for a super cute successful party:
2 pack of balloons ($1.59 ea.)
1 streamer roll ($.99)
2 packs of ribbons ($2.50 total)
Pretty wrapping paper ($.99)
Party game ($1.99)

What I did:
Took my largest picture frame and wrapped it like a beautiful present!
Took half the balloons and hung them from the ceiling using ribbon

Took the remaining streamers and made a cute entrance way
The game was picked up at Party City and it was a lot of fun! They have different versions, but since we are all adults, this seemed to be more appropriate than "pin the tail on the donkey"!

Now... for the most important thing... DESSERTS!
I took some cookies my grandma sent me and defrosted them. Then I went to the infamous Larry's House of Cakes and spent $12 on cookies and cupcakes.
Lindsay brought delicious brownies and my mom gave me some cute Eli's Cheesecake cakes!
A cute and fun birthday party for under $20!

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